My Hero Academia

the anime has been around long enough to have everyone talking about it but i’m always skeptical of shows with a ton of hype. after finally hearing enough people talking about it and michael being on board, we decided to watch the anime. it’s currently in its second season and funimation posts the simuldub on saturdays crazy early, so we would actually be able to watch the show week-to-week if we got into. and boy did we ever.

first off, we binge watched the 20 episodes (now 21 since saturday has passed) in only a couple of days because we got sucked in from the very beginning. its hard not to love midoriya from the start, he’s such a pure cinnamon roll who gives every situation his all. in a world where 80% of the population has a quirk, a special ability, poor midoriya was left without one and he had the biggest dream of being a hero. all he wanted was to help people like his favorite hero, all might. pretty quickly, we became attached to midoriya and all might.

once we started making up hero names for people, things got interesting. especially when some of the other characters would end up calling them by those names in the actual anime. i still don’t like the name icy hot for todoroki but one of the other characters did actually him that at one point. he’s definitely my favorite, besides midoriya. i am always a sucker for a complex character with a tragic backstory. i can’t wait to find out more about him as the show progresses. michael’s favorite seems to tsuyu for some reason. she’s adorable and i feel like there’s more she can do with her quirk than we have seen so far.

on that note, what really struck me about this story is how involved we got in a matter of days. so much so that we decided to read the manga and get as current as possible because we were just so desperate to know what happened. sure, we will still watch the anime because we enjoy how the story is being told there as well. but we already love so many of the characters so much that we needed more than the anime had currently. its not that weird for me to love an anime so much to start reading the manga, in fact that’s usually what happens when i like something enough. the thing that shocked me most was that the suggestion came from michael who doesn’t overly like to read and especially doesn’t generally stay current on any manga, even the ones he loves.

needless to say, i have a new obsession. i’m sure i’ll have caught up on the manga in a couple of weeks. it only took me a month to read all of fairy tail.

plus ultra!!


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