My Hero Academia

the anime has been around long enough to have everyone talking about it but i’m always skeptical of shows with a ton of hype. after finally hearing enough people talking about it and michael being on board, we decided to watch the anime. it’s currently in its second season and funimation posts the simuldub on saturdays crazy early, so we would actually be able to watch the show week-to-week if we got into. and boy did we ever.

first off, we binge watched the 20 episodes (now 21 since saturday has passed) in only a couple of days because we got sucked in from the very beginning. its hard not to love midoriya from the start, he’s such a pure cinnamon roll who gives every situation his all. in a world where 80% of the population has a quirk, a special ability, poor midoriya was left without one and he had the biggest dream of being a hero. all he wanted was to help people like his favorite hero, all might. pretty quickly, we became attached to midoriya and all might.

once we started making up hero names for people, things got interesting. especially when some of the other characters would end up calling them by those names in the actual anime. i still don’t like the name icy hot for todoroki but one of the other characters did actually him that at one point. he’s definitely my favorite, besides midoriya. i am always a sucker for a complex character with a tragic backstory. i can’t wait to find out more about him as the show progresses. michael’s favorite seems to tsuyu for some reason. she’s adorable and i feel like there’s more she can do with her quirk than we have seen so far.

on that note, what really struck me about this story is how involved we got in a matter of days. so much so that we decided to read the manga and get as current as possible because we were just so desperate to know what happened. sure, we will still watch the anime because we enjoy how the story is being told there as well. but we already love so many of the characters so much that we needed more than the anime had currently. its not that weird for me to love an anime so much to start reading the manga, in fact that’s usually what happens when i like something enough. the thing that shocked me most was that the suggestion came from michael who doesn’t overly like to read and especially doesn’t generally stay current on any manga, even the ones he loves.

needless to say, i have a new obsession. i’m sure i’ll have caught up on the manga in a couple of weeks. it only took me a month to read all of fairy tail.

plus ultra!!

A Court of Wings and Ruin

who is surprised that i binge-read this on the day of release? anyone? yeah, me either. but i do have some regrets. like the fact that there is no more. sigh. let’s talk about this rollercoaster.

i should have read it slower but i just couldn’t put it down. there were some slower paced sections but the book moved at a steady clip for the majority. i felt like i was barely dealing with each new emotional situation that was thrown at me. there were so many characters who i did not expect to be involved and who turned out to be very different than i had assumed. overall, this was a great closing to the trilogy and let things open to a new trilogy to be written in the world. i look forward to learning more about the characters and the world that this series made me fall in love with.

from this point on, there are spoilers.

i am so glad that feyre was not in the spring court for very long because i could not have handled that. i need rhysand, its why i’m reading this series in the first place. however, i was expecting lucien to be even more suspicious than he was but i still like that he was not trusting feyre’s bs. also so thankful that he went with her, he needed to be away from how toxic tamlin was getting.

so who was expecting that face-turn from tamlin? from jurian? i mean come on, who could have guessed that would happen. i mean tamlin is still the biggest tool but i was certainly not expecting him to come to the summit or to help them. like that was insane. i’m still trying to process that jurian was a good guy. i think that might have been pushing things too far. it was just too much of a face-turn, i don’t trust it at all.

i know i’m skipping a lot but this is what stands out to me the most. rhysand fucking died. he died. and then made a joke about feyre knowing what he went through. no dude. not acceptable. no one should know what that feels like. i am so thankful that she got him back because i would not have been able to finish the book or read any other books in the world without him. he is literally my favorite.

can we just talk about cassian and nesta for a moment? or the rest of my life? that was such a beautiful progression of their relationship. but poor cassian getting his wings messed up not once but twice. poor baby. but he got nesta out of it. i really thought both of them were going to die, i really did. i was even ready for it because they were together and they had basically admitted their feelings. i can’t wait to see what happens with them going forward now that they have admitted they want to be together and regret all the time they wasted.

i know this is unpopular, but after the reveal with mor, i really like the idea of azriel and elain. it doesn’t seem like lucien will be a good fit for elain, he just doesn’t know how to handle her. she’s mysterious and far more powerful than anyone has probably realized. and he is very focused on the fact that they are mates, he doesn’t even know if she is worth fighting for. i think this would be a good time to show that the mate bond can be rejected and things will be okay. i love the friendship that developed between azriel and elain. he cared deeply for her. and she trusts him. i mean, he gave her his weapon. the one no one has been allowed to touch, not even morrigan who he has been in love with for hundreds of years. that right there says something. i really think this is a good opportunity to show the different paths the mate bond can take.

i can’t even think about the suriel without crying so i’m not going there. but damn.

overall, i loved the book. there were some parts that felt rushed. i may reevaluate my feelings when i get around to re-reading it a little more slowly. but i felt this was a good end to the series. i’m even more rhysand trash which i didn’t know was possible after acomaf.